Aiskew & Leeming Bar Parish Council maintains five playgrounds. 

Kingfisher Playground in Aiskew is not only fitted with an array of children's play equipment, but also has numerous pieces of adult exercise equipment. 

Ascough Wynd in Aiskew is a play area for younger children with many pieces of age appropriate equipment.

Freeman's Way Playground is in Leeming Bar and the equipment in this park was installed in 2014. All of the equipment in this park was chosen by the children at Aiskew & Leeming Bar Primary School. This Playground also has a goal post for football and other related activities.

Along with Ascough Wynd, Leeming Bar Play Park has play equipment for younger children.

Mattison Close Play Park in Leeming Bar is very small with play equipment for under fives, this park was also installed in 2014.