Bin Collection Days


The Bin Collection Days for Aiskew and Leeming Bar are on separate Calendars. Please note that these calendars are maintained by Hambleton District Council, and that collection days are different for each village. To find your specific bin collection days please enter your post code onto the Hambleton District Councils search feature .

If you have an issue with your collection, (i.e. it has been missed) then you will find a form to complete to report this on the Hambleton District Council site .What goes in what recycling bin

Household Waste Recycling

Leeming Bar has a Household Waste Recycling centre on the industrial estate. Details of its opening times and materials that can be taken there can be found on the Leeming Bar Household Waste Recycling Centre webpage.

What can I Recycle?

Want to start recycling but aren't sure what can and cant be recycled? Heres a helpful website which tells you exactly what can and can't be recycled

Please also visit North Yorkshire County Councils Waste and Recycling Page to find more info on local recycling schemes.