Meeting Minutes & Agendas

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 Agendas and information is also displayed on the Parish Notice boards in Aiskew (at the top of Aiskew Bank), and in Leeming Bar (at the play park opposite the roundabout)


Document Date Posted Posted By
1. July 2020 - First meeting after Covid-19.pdf
22/09/2020 Parish Clerk
2. September 2020.pdf
12/11/2020 Parish Clerk
3. October 2020.pdf
27/11/2020 Parish Clerk
4. November 2020.pdf
29/01/2021 Parish Clerk
5. January 2021.pdf
05/03/2021 Parish Clerk
6. February 2021.pdf
31/03/2021 Parish Clerk


Document Date Posted Posted By
7. March 2021 Agenda.pdf
12/03/2021 Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk

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Parish Clerk

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